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On this page you can learn some tips and tricks for improving your gaming experience.
The Strategy document is divided into 4 pages:

2) Always optimize your game (No Unnecessary Gaps)

Now we are getting involved in more advanced strategies!

By placing each line in such a way that there will be no gaps between the new line and existing lines, you will ensure that in the future you'll find new dot locations easier.
And you won't miss out on a whole line due to creating big gaps.

Let's look at an example of this:
No Unnecessary Gaps!
We start out with a situation where we can place the new lines in two directions.

No Unnecessary Gaps!
If we go and place diagonally here, we may already be on the wrong path.

No Unnecessary Gaps!
If we place a vertical line here then we will definately create unnecessary gaps.

No Unnecessary Gaps!
If we placed both of the previous examples, we will get this situation.

No Unnecessary Gaps!
Which cause us to lose out on one WHOLE line. (which is bad ;))