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On this page you can learn some tips and tricks for improving your gaming experience.
The Strategy document is divided into 4 pages:

4) Think ahead (Strategical thinking)

Now we are becoming pro's at this strategy thing! :P

Instead of just concentrating on the current new line you are placing, you should be thinking a few moves ahead.
Ask yourself this: "If I place this line right over here, what would the game situation look like then?", or in other words, what will that new line bring to the table?

Let's look at an example of this:
If we look at the left side of the game board, we'll see a situation where we can go either up or down from that position.

Should we go up in this example, we will find a succession of new line locations.

And we will end up with 68 as score.

On the other hand, if we would have gone downwards from the first situation, we might have ended up with just 64 placed lines.

There are many situations where it might be hard to calculate all possibilities, and it is easy to miss something, but this is where the pro's are separated from the strategically challenged peoples!

Even Deep Blue lost to Gagarin, because Deep Blue did not see all the possibilities (it only calculated so many moves forward)!
Deep Blue vs. Kasparov, 1996