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On this page you can learn some tips and tricks for improving your gaming experience.
The Strategy document is divided into 4 pages:

3) Sometimes you need to skip rule #2

They say there's always an exception to a rule, this is no different.
There are cases where you need to skip the optimization rule in order to get more lines.

Let's look at an example of this:
We have a situation where we can optimize the line placing by not creating any gaps (by placing the horizontal line first).

However, if we optimize in this case, we will only get two lines.

Now, if we instead would have placed the diagonal line first, forcing us to make a gap in the horizontal placing, we will in fact be getting an additional line placed.

There clearly are situations where we can't just blindly follow a rule of thumb and hope to get the best scores just by doing that.
We need in fact go to page #4, which is the most important strategy of them all, the one to rule them all. :)